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The Metro Metal Vision

Metro Metal Supply - Our Vision

Where Your Project Concepts Become Reality !

Our VISION at Metro Metal is to become a partner with you to accomplish all of your goals and complete your projects on time and within your budget. Always working together as a team and managing all aspects from start to finish with your vision in mind.

Metro Metal Supply - Our Mission

We at Metro Metal pride ourselves on the following;

  • Professionalism: Is our standard to provide each and every client, customer or visitor with the upmost respect at all times.
  • Collaboration: Making sure the input from each person involved is accessed and added to the planning of each job, coinciding with the client’s vision.
  • Quality: And last but not least, we at Metro Metal strive each and every day to provide the highest quality in our people, process and production.
Metro Metal Supply - Our Mission

Our mission is to be the quality leader, service leader, production leader and value-added leader in all areas of light gauge metal supply and fabrication, custom or standard applications. We will provide a variety of solutions to the construction/roofing community and the corporate or individual world. We will support our customers by providing the most diverse choice of quality products and services that they require to complete projects, to improve their performance, be more efficient and enhance their buildings,homes or offices.. We will endeavor to serve our customers in such a manner that they will be totally satisfied with Metro Metal and will not want to use anyone else for their light gauge metal needs.

Metro Metal Supply - Raw Metal

Five Tips for Better Aluminum

By Metal Form Magazine Lightweight, easy to form and resistant to rust, aluminum sheet metal offers manufacturers the option of skipping the painting step when

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Custom wall panels - Metro Metal Supply

Strength and Durability

By Metal Construction News; Steel has a stronger strength-to-weight ratio than wood and even flexes with force—one reason for its success on large construction projects.

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