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Light Gauge Metal Fabrication

Light gauge steel is easily customizable. Thanks to the efforts of modern software, projects using light gauge steel can be measured down to single millimeter ranges. These highly accurate blueprints can be taken to a manufacturer, where the unique light gauge steel units are individually made.


Due to the level of customization that can be achieved with light gauge steel, fewer materials are wasted, leading to cost savings. Having each part specially manufactured off-site creates less chance for error.  


Clients who prefer modern styles are happy with light gauge steel as the clean lines and overall minimal appearance fit well within the category. Since each piece of the design is made to order, they can be folded or punched in virtually any way the client sees fit.



Out of any materials on the market, light gauge steel has the highest strength to weight ratio. This single factor has many benefits in itself. 


First, a high strength to weight ratio means that job site workers can often carry materials by themselves, whereas wood, concrete, and brick are too heavy. This cuts down the workload, which saves both time and money. In fact, steel weighs 60% less than wood.


Second, this ratio means that light gauge steel can be transported easily and without too much worry about damaging the individual pieces. Another benefit of its strength is its ability to create larger spans. This strength makes unique design features, like a full window wall, possible. These design features are not possible with other building materials.